Perhaps I Live Under a Rock

Some contractor working in our neighbor’s lawn on Wednesday morning cut our cable line so we lost our internet connection and television until late this afternoon. I don’t watch tv, so the internet, radio while communting to work, and the occasional newspaper are my main sources of current events.

Apparently, some horribly unjust and disgusting events have been happening for the last 50 years or so in the Middle East. A few of the blogs I peruse have mentioned something particularly eye-catching happened this week but I can’t garner up the energy needed  or more precisely do not have the any desire to read any of the news articles written about it but I did read the blog entries.

My family and I watched Hotel Rwanda yesterday. Definately reccommend it along with Srebrenica: A Cry From the Grave. In sha Allah, I might upload the latter documentary to GoogleVideo. Genocide at the close of the 20th century while the impotent UN and world watched at its finest. Props to the Committee on Conscience at the Holocaust Museum in DC for projecting images of Darfur on its outer walls this week.

My chief complaint about Hotel Rwanda is the use of profanity although it is few and far between and nothing compared to the stream of vulgarity in Road to Guantanamo.

In my pre-Muslim days, profanity was used generously amongst friends always away from parents but now I have almost zero-patience for profanity. I just find it extremely distasteful, all of it, and something akin to a Michael Richards outburst.


  1. salams MA!

    I agree with you on the profanity. i can’t stand it either. i think any one that uses profanity is low class ands and has no character at all. especially muslims. sad but you don’t know how many muslims i hear….especially knowledgeable ones use profanity left and right. and when you correct them their ignorance proceeds them. great post by the way.
    I saw the movie Hotel Rawanda it was good. I really enjoyed it but like it or not they have to throw their filth in there thinking it makes the movies better.

  2. Asalamu alaykum Sheryza,

    Yes, I do not understand why people think using profanity adds any depth to their speech or argument but I guess most people don’t really see it as something low and harmful. Often, when I chide someone for swearing their first response is, “I didn’t swear” or “That’s not a swear word”.

    It always amazes me how my co-workers will apologize to me when they use profanity in my presence without my ever saying that I dislike it. One of them said that she could just tell that I was not a person that used profanity and so she felt remorseful about swearing in my presence after she stubbed her toe in the copy room.

  3. Assalaamu alaykum,

    Finally watched Hotel Rwanda last night. Have you seen the documentary Ghosts of Rwanda? I think I liked the latter better, as I’m big on documentaries. If you watch it, let me know what you think.

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