Should I or Should I Not…

start a blogroll? Why do people keep blogrolls and how do you decide who to add? What if you find some of their language or content objectionable, does it matter?

I am surprised when I see my name Muslim Apple on blogrolls. I sometimes browse other people’s blogrolls especially after I clear out my browser history.

I see the different ways people categorize their blogrolls and I wonder if they actually visit each site especially when I click on the name only to find the link is dead or Blogger has allowed it to be taken over by some horrible spam ads.

I more or less like my layout as it is but I feel the pull of blogroll peer pressure to begin my own. Even though, I browse other people’s blogrolls I don’t see much of a purpose or benefit to beginning my own. The blogs I like and read regularly are already saved in my browser bookmarks.

In sha Allah, I’ll be away much of the weekend at Route 114.


  1. My blogroll (which is on my website) is incredibly out of date because I put everyone on my blogbridge feeder. I must update it soon. Bloglists help create a sense of online community.



  2. asalamu aleykum

    for the first reasons you mentioned why you are relcutant to have a blogroll i dont have one, although there are some blogs i wouldnt mind having on mine, but then it opens doors for those whom i dont want to have their blogs on my blogroll to feel am against them or something like that.

  3. Well, I just put on mine the sities that i like to visit frequently. It’s a way of pointing out what I consider to be pretty good sites — consistant in their quality, interesting or bright or thoughtful or funny or some combination thereof — but the primary reason is to make my life simpler. So, if it would do that for you, or if you want to do that for other people, do it.

    And if it would make it easier,you could divide it into two sections: people who are muslims, and people who aren’t. I don’t think you’d have much problem finding sites for the first part. But whomever could you put, all alone by himself, in the second? Hmmm…..

  4. Assalamu ‘alaykum,
    I used to keep a massive blogroll – particularly if anyone had put a link to mine, I felt compelled to have a reciprocal link. Then I culled it down because I figured the whole point of a blogroll is to let your visitors surf through to sites you like – and if you’re just adding anyone and everyone that doesn’t mean anything.

    I do enjoy visiting the blogrolls of other blogs I respect (eg. Sunni Sister, Indigo Jo Blogs, Mere Islam etc.) but it’s a personal thing.

  5. Don’t feel bad for not having a blogroll. I think it’s just a way of spreading the word about blogs you enjoy reading… but i don’t think it’s necessary. I added you to mine a long time ago cause i really enjoy your thoughtful posts and Gems. And this is off topic, but i think “Manzana Musulmana” sounds sooooo cute. hee hee

  6. Asalamu alaykum,

    Um Mahtab: I’m pretty sure you were the first one to add me to your blogroll, I’ve always wondered how you found my site in those early days.

    Ok, so no blogroll for me yet.

  7. I started blogrolling now because my computer dies on me so often, It has been attacked by little demons so many times, it is hectic to keep losing all that I saved and start the net from scratch and also I keep losing all my writting, time after time, my little demons object to my writting, which is in your face!

    since I am sure my little tormentor will crash my computer anytime, at anyday, I decided to save some of the people I enjoy reading their blogs on my website, I do not even like anyone linking me or listing my blog on theirs, since sometimes I am talking about Nasty Islam Hater and I used colourful words that are the most unislamic, my Allah Forgive me. I don’t want Islamic sites or sites I care to list me, because Allah only knows what will come out of my mouth next, depends how offended I am that day 🙂 it is not easy being Muslim with a spine these days and no one can stand the garbage that is going around the NewsPaper, the net!

  8. I think a blogroll gives your readers a better view of who you are and what interests you. I use my blogroll to keep a list of blogs I regularly visit.I use my bookmarks for the ones I visit occasionally. If I find I am visiting someone often, then I transfer them to my blogroll. Sometimes, as with you, my first reading is so compelling the blogroll entry is an automatic. Of course, you came with the highest recommendation; I found you through Samaha’s bloglist.

  9. Yasmin — have you looked into backup packages? I use one that automatically backs up the PC each night, so if it does crash, changed files are still available to me. Not sure about blogrolls, but if you make a manual copy, that’d be available, too. Just a thought….

  10. Bilal: If you keep commenting on my blog, then each time you fill out the url address on the comment form, you’ll have that link.

    Archie: What was the first thing you read over here? I have a few badges on my sidebar to indicate some of my interests but it’s incomplete.

  11. Asalaamu Alaikum Muslim Apple,

    I took the Route 114 double weekender and I really enjoyed the class! I learned so much about the Qur’an and I have an even greater respect for it. Insha Allah you are enjoying it and learning a lot.

    ma’a salaamah,


  12. Hiya, Muslim Apple, the first thing I read here was “Shame on You…” 26 Oct 06. In found that because I had just posted the Sheik’s words and was angered by them. I think Samaha had mentioned your comments, or maybe I just followed her link. I try to drop in here most days now as part of my learning assignment. I will be adding a link to Bill’s post on my blog today. He has said much of what I feel in that post.

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