Let the Sunnah Go Forth

There was a minibus, which I had never seen before parked at the masjid one day last week during the taraweeh that caught my attention and some interesting looks from other masjid attendees.

The side panel on the bus read: The Sunnah – On the Road Tour

The back door read: Let the Sunnah Go Forth And Don’t Stop It.

The license plate read: NO BIDA

There was also an 800 number and a website address on the bus. I didn’t know it then but it seems this statement about letting the sunnah go forth and not stopping it with opinions is a popular catchphrase amongst some groups. It’s sounds kind of silly to me and I had a couple of good laughs when I saw it.


  1. Eid Mubarak, Koonj. Shouldn’t you be going to sleep?

    By the way, I just got the latest Dell catalog in the mail and they have some very good deals right now on laptops so if price is an issue even though I am a huge Mac fan I would get a Dell. We have three Windows-based PC’s in the house although I am making the transition to Ubuntu but they are all from Dell. They have good customer service (most of the time) and pretty good quality (just make sure you get the 2 or 3 year warranty), and make sure it’s going to be Vista-compatible.

    Wa salaam.

  2. It might seem strange to you, but this phrase is from the statements of Umar ibn al-Khattab whose full statement is: “Let the sunnah go forth and don’t stop it with your opinions.”

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