Possible Theme Change

The current theme for MuslimApple is called Quentin and it has served me well but I can’t help thinking that I might prefer to use the Rounded theme or the Silver is the New Black theme. In sha Allah, you can click on the thumbnail images for a larger view.

Quentin: I like that the color scheme includes red because I associate the the color red with edible apples especially the Red Delicious variety and the tagline stands out clearly on the homepage. But I don’t like the post icon at the top of each post.

Quentin Theme


Rounded: Wider text box, I like the way it has an arrow to the comments section, I don’t really like the green and there is no red. The tagline is somewhat hidden by the flowers.

Rounded Theme

Silver is the New Black: Nice wide text box, doesn’t display my tagline, very neat and clean feel to the interface and I associate silver with my Mac Powerbook and white with my iPod.

Silver is the New Black Theme


  1. This isn’t relevant to the post; I just wanted to tell you something, and since you don’t have an email….

    The latest issue of Weekend magazine says web sites ‘pickyourown.org/applefestivals.php’, ‘nationalapplemuseum.com/festivals.html’and ‘allaboutapples.com’ have articles about apple festivals over the next three months. Well, possibly two months, by now…

    Thought you’d like to know…

  2. Hey thanks Ceruleanbill, apple festivals, apple cider, hayrides, and bobbing for apples are great fun. I’m adding each of those sites to my bookmark list.

    At my parents’ house in NY, we have an apple tree in the front yard and our first computer was a mac. Maybe I’ll stick with my current theme.

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