Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse - Features


The ultimate mouse device has arrived from Apple. The wireless Mighty Mouse is simply the most advanced mouse on the market today.

A common complaint from Mac users or hesitant to switch PC users is that the mice or trackpads designed for Macs did not incorporate the familiar two-button “left click” and “right click”. Which was true until Apple released the Mighty Mouse series that enables virtual clicking.

The topshell of the Mighty Mouse is intuitive and touch-sensitive so that if you click on the right hand side of the mouse it will bring up contextual menus and if you click on the left, you will have the familiar select option.

The Mighty Mouse comes in two versions. There is a USB powered version that attaches to the computer and a battery operated bluetooth wireless version.

Two batteries are included in the wireless Mighty Mouse retail package and while the battery compartment underneath the Mighty Mouse has two battery slots it can run effectively on an a single battery as is typical of Mac innovation.

The Mighty Mouse is fully customizable so that you can setup the right and left click functions to operate in a way that is comfortable for you. The two force-sensing buttons can be customized to open any number of applications including Dashboard or Expose. And to round off the feature list the Mighty Mouse has a scroll button on top.

Another reason to make the switch to Macintosh.

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