The Messenger of Allah sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said:

Wisdom consists in keeping silent, and those who practice it are few.

Narrated by Anas radiyAllahu anhu


Author: Ify Okoye

Muslim woman, RN, & rebel with a cause.

3 thoughts on “Gem”

  1. Thanks. I decided pretty much on a whim a few weeks ago to start a blog, so I’m still feeling my way through and experimenting with this and that. Not quite sure what my focus is or if I even need a focus.

  2. I’m pretty much in the same situation. The blog mostly posts articles from other sources, with little writing by the members. We are trying to make it a mix of politics, Islam, poetry, photos, and art. But sometimes I’m wondering if it is too much, and whether we should focus on one thing.

    I’m sure we will both figure it out eventually, and like you said it is not necessar to have a focus. Blogging is fun, so stick with it.

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