Ramadan in DC | A Shout of Profanity in the Dark

Last night in Annapolis, Md

During Ramadan it’s not unusual to be up late. Last night, as I walked down the street at 2am, I could see a man approaching from the other direction. As he got a little closer I heard him shout out, “B#*ch!”

Right about then, I began to question why I was out walking alone that late and whether I should’ve turned around or made a run for it.

Then as he neared me, he shouted out in the same loud voice, “Salaam alaikum!” Relieved, I enthusiastically returned the greeting.

I suppose his earlier comment was for the person on the other end of his bluetooth ear piece and not for me, which is still a troubling thought.


  1. Wow…yeah, that’s unfortunate. Talk about checking yourself before wrecking yourself during Ramadan! Refraining from cussing at people should be one of those things!

  2. Haha interesting. Something similar happened to me in Portugal. I was out with friends and these men passed by us. We thought they would jeer at us, seeing that we were tourists. But upon seeing my headscarf, one of them said “salam-alakium” and I said “wasalam” in return.

    – Nam

    1. Nam, thanks for stopping by, your comment accidentally got caught up in the spam filter. I always like getting an unexpected salam when out and about, even from this guy.

  3. Even if I translate it into another language (Urdu) I still can’t come up with the 70 excuses lol….. Perhaps he meant peach… 🙂

  4. lol, you guys are funny. Fun to read after a few stressful days in a row.

    My first thought when I heard him was, “Is he talking to me?” He doesn’t even know me but then he said salam.

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