NPR | Zaytuna College | Forging a Sustainable Faith in America

Courtesy of Zaytuna College

A clip from a report by NPR’s Barbara Bradley Haggerty about Zaytuna College and its uniquely American flavor in terms of ideas, outlook, and seating arrangements. I agree with Hamza Yusuf that I’ve also seen a return to moderation from many converts & newly practicing Muslims into a more sustainable faith outlook over the years.


  1. I have always seen him at RIS here in Toronto and I find we need these type of scholars the most, people who understand the Western society and are in sync with most Muslims here. We don’t dilute our Islam but we don’t take a hard approach also. Islam is meant to be easy.

  2. lol, I agree about the dog quote and it’s so critical to be able to practice our faith within our Western cultural background and perspective. Islam is universal and one its strengths is in its flexibility to adapt and be practical for each culture. I was listening to a video by Amir Sulaiman on Ta’leef Collective about converts taking on the cultural background of others, pretending we are sick when we’re not and making issues where none exist.

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