USA vs. Al-Arian Screening Today!

This Thursday (April 10th) the University of Maryland at College Park Muslim Students Association is hosting a free screening of USA vs. Al-Arian in the Hoff Theatre, Stamp Student Union @ 6 PM.

If you have not already seen the documentary then you should make a point to see this thought-provoking film. When I saw the film, one of Dr. Al-Arian’s sons was at the panel discussion afterward and today one his daughters will be speaking afterward so even though I have class at that time, I will try to go again.

In December 2005, a Tampa jury acquitted Dr. Sami Al-Arian of “terrorism” charges. Two years later he is still in prison because the Bush administration refuses to honor a May 2006 promise to release and deport him. Dr. Al-Arian was due to be released in weeks, but is now on a hunger strike to protest the government’s refusal to honor a plea agreement.

Come find out why.

“USA vs Al-Arian” Screening at University of Maryland
Featuring Guest Speaker: Laila Al-Arian, Journalist and daughter of Dr. Al-Arian.
Please join us on Thursday April 10, 2008
From 6:00pm – 10:00pm in the evening.
The event will take place the Hoff Theater, located within the University of Maryland Stamp Student Union
College Park, MD

Sponsored by: The Muslim Students Association, International Socialist Organization, Feminism Without Borders, Organization of Arab Students, Students for a Democratic Society, and Peace Forum

From the Storehouse:

Free Sami al-Arian Now!

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