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Allah and Messenger

I am not good at finding header images, which is the main reason I switched from the Cutline theme to Unsleepable but now I am trying this one out until I find something better. I don’t really like three column themes because my eyes naturally only focus on the center column and on one sidebar preferably on the right-side of a page.

I admire the header images employed by some others and always feel mine is lacking as I don’t have an eye for the arts, fashion, or decorating. I am currently using the top of an image I found over at the Age of Jahilyah. I think the whole image is fantastic but cut up into a header image it appeals to me mainly because I’ve seen the entire image.

By the way, I was thinking of using my real name instead of Muslim Apple on my blog. It seems that the people that know me, know me and those that don’t, still won’t either way.

If you know of a header image that would be good here, let me know in sha Allah.


  1. oooh you’re going to tell your name? how exciting!

    i really like the header image. some of the formatting seems a bit messed up, but i’m using my parents’ old computer, with explorer (ack!!), so won’t really get a feel until i’m back home inshaAllah.

    i’m completely out of the internet loop already, which is sort of nice. but of course i have to check up on you.

  2. I might, it’s seems like a small thing since people that I know but didn’t tell about my blog have stumbled upon it, and people that I don’t know that read it, still won’t know me so using my actual name at least for comments should be a small step forward.

  3. lol, Umm Yasmin said something similar about it sounding crunchy. Anneesa said it sounded cherubic. And Um Mahtab said, she preferred to say it in Spanish Manzana Musulmana.

    I guess since I’ve been re-asserting my original name over the convert name that was given to me, I’ve been thinking of translating that into all spheres but maybe I’ll stick with Muslim Apple just a bit longer in sha Allah.

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