New Theme

WordPress is now offering the Unsleepable theme as an option. I love this theme as a version of it is used over at Austrolabe, a group blog by Australian Muslims.

I would like to try it out here on Muslim Apple but I’m a bit afraid that it will mess up my picture settings if I decide to switch back to Cutline. And I would have to re-upload my image header which I still am not that happy with but I haven’t found anything to replace it yet.

WordPress has been upgrading their picture upload service and it is much nicer now but I have had to re-adjust and in some cases re-upload some pictures like on the CAIR Logo post. The Cutline theme also now handles pictures a bit differently now so that it easier to align them.

Unsleepable doesn’t display the category hierarchy in a distinct way other than placing the child category underneath the parent category so that is -1. Not having to worry about a header image that is +1. Unsleepable’s customizable bottom bar is +1. The edit post pencil that displays when logged in as an admin on Unsleepable is +0.5 because it occasionally overlaps the date display on posts with longer titles.

The third picture on the Muslim Apple in Bloom post is now displayed incorrectly and mixes with the Slang Alert post on the homepage and with the comments section on its own page. That’s -0.5

The default setting on Unsleepable is to have the side and bottom bar widgets in lowercase. I find this annoying because I like my widgets capitalized so that is -0.3.

The current tally is Unsleepable +0.7 over Cutline.

If you have a preference for Cutline or Unsleepable, let me know.

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