If you don’t know about, you are missing out. When I went back to NY for the first time after I converted I met up with a sister and she was playing these lectures on the Quran by Amina Elahi. I loved it, her easy-going manner, style, and accent were refreshing combined with simple but stimulating tafseer good for new or born-again Muslims, humor, and memorable anecdotes.

We did the Muslim shops in the area but couldn’t find the complete set of lectures so when I got home I began looking online for it and happened upon where they have the whole set of 120 lectures (about four 25 minute lectures per Juz) by Amina Elahi available to download for free.

Sometimes, you find a convert that after the initial euphoria of accepting Islam subsides just seems to get stuck in a rut perhaps overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that needs to be learned just to function at a basic level in Islam or becomes complacent with maintaining the same level in the religion. Although I wasn’t a “self-satisfied” Muslim these lectures helped to set me on a path of always analyzing myself through the Quran, working on my shortcomings, and coming closer to Allah.

Online Paltalk tafseer classes begin this week for the 8 month course. Monday and Tuesday evenings 7:30-9:30pm or Saturday and Sunday 1-3pm. You can listen in for free if you register or can take the classes for $10 a month. For more information just send an email to the AlHuda representative for your area.


  1. i love this website! i use it to listen to tafseer of any surah at any time (they are pre-recorded). i use it to say and learn my morning and evening adhkaar. theres even a beautiful nasheed of the surah names!

  2. JAZAKALLAH for infoming us about such a nice site.May Allah rewards you for all your good deeds!!!!

  3. Asalamu alaykum,

    AlHudaPk was one of my favorite sites after I converted to Islam and the lecture series are so beneficial. Listening to the Fahm al-Quran series by Amina Elahi was a turning point in my Islam.

  4. Asalam u Allikum
    I love alhudapk web site

    please do visit the web site there was a prob from last few days but Alhamdulliah its working fine now and also ALHUDA is offering Taleem ul Quran in english for girls in canada if u want to join plz contact at 905 624 2030 its a 16 months program plz do join the course

  5. Assalam o Alikum,
    I love Dr Farhat Hashmi’s lecture available on Alhuda site. May Allah bless her as she is providing right education for girls of all ages and all statuses. Mashallah she is educating the educated muslim and non muslim girls. I am a born muslim but i did not know about some issues regarding simple matters like taharh, female’s rights and duties, haqooq ul ebaad, photography etc more in detail. She quotes from quran and hadees and this makes the lecture really beautiful and easy to understand.

  6. My wife is doing a 1.5 years course fro Alhuda Dfence Karachi. She gets many lecture cassettes from there. I lisen those and impressed. I use these cassettes in my car . Last ramadan I recorded 10 different lectures on cassettes and distributed free. Now I am receiving more requirements from those to whom I offered. I want to get these lectures in MP3 format so I can distribute more lectures on CDs and on low cost. Can I do this? Previously I didnt took permession. If yes how can I do this?

  7. Asalamualiakum
    i am only 3 days old visitor oh Alhuda. i have almost forgotten all other sites. Allah alone can give reward for the work of the hosts on this site. it is not accessable today! why so?

  8. As-salamu alaykum. Masha Allah, she is one of the leading daiyyats of Pakistan. Her insights into everyday life and our connection to Allah are brilliant, and she may be the most eloquent lady speaker. I wouldn’t rely on her fiqh positions, though, as she is not a trained faqiha.

  9. Amazing… masha Allah..
    i am an Alim, but i didnt hear that kind of lecture in my life time. thank God and her efforts. how many hearts will get the right path, certainly Allah may reward her. i pray Allah

  10. asslamoalaikum
    I have listened binti huda’s qirat of 30th para and mashaAllah the unbeliveable feelings come to me which words cant explain but I have to say that every music and poetry is silent infront of this qirat.My mornings starts and day ends with it .
    Allah karay zori awaz oor bhi ziada ameen

  11. Assalam-o-alikum,

    any one give me Al-huda history please.?
    who is founder & the 1st owner of alhuda.
    how can i know alhuda history.
    where it comes from ? please mail me.

  12. Assalaamu Alaikum

    This post still illuminates, sister Apple! 🙂 I hadn’t read it when I came over your blog for the first time. It’s not usual to find tafsir and recitations made by scholar women, which helps to feel a little less lonely.

    I’ll rush to have a look. Gracias!

  13. MashAllah Dr Farhat Hashmi and the whole organization is doing a great job,by the grace of Allah SWT.I wish and pray i would be a part of this team,so that i get knowledge about my Deen as well as help in spreading the message of Islam.


    Assalaam O’Alaikum

    May ALLAH SWT bless you all ameen. You can easily join our team by joining any of the courses/Quran classes at any institute or branch, through correspondence or online.

    Write to us about your skills and areas of interests through any of the email numbers given at this link:

    with duas

  15. Mashallah ALHUDA is doing very sincere efforts to please our ALMIGHTY ALLAH. May ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY help each &every student as well as teacher in acheiving their goals. AMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN YA RABBAL ALAMEEN.Unfortunately i never became her student due to my own busy schedules etc.ALHAMDULILLAH by the Grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH I am a teacher as well a student in quran tajweed and tafseer.

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