When Opening Your Fast…

Perhaps you might spare a thought for the brothers who have been unjustly detained in the last few years. In our community, we have had a number of brothers convicted and sentenced to many years to life to more than life in prison for offenses that even the jurors agreed were so minor they never should have been prosecuted.

Left behind are the mothers and fathers, the brothers and sisters, the wives and children, the friends, students, and colleagues.

I see them those left behind by a brother in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons often at the masjid or fundraisers. And I am always struck by their strength, warmth, gentleness, and patience in the face of such immense tribulation.

Yesterday, I saw a sister whose husband had only recently been sentenced to a long term and her young children at iftar. I felt shy and awkward and did not know what to say other than maybe salaam and Ramadan Mubarak.

But before I could open my mouth the sister gave me her salaam and inquired about my well-being, my family, and listened patiently to my words, and then made dua for Allah to guide my family. She never mentioned anything of her own difficulties.

And then later that night in the taraweeh, the imam recited the verse:

Be fearful of of trials which will not afflict solely those among you who do wrong. Know that Allah is severe in retribution. [Anfaal 8/25]

In sha Allah, tonight as I open my fast I will remember the families of countless brothers and sisters in our community and around the world that are separated for offenses real or imagined in the war on terror.

May Allah subhana wa ta ala protect us. Ameen.

Something to break your fast on…

Local Muslims [DC area] who’ve been charged in terror-related cases:

Justice Delayed


  1. Ameen,
    subhanAllah, I’m currently in this situation. Please keep my brother and family in your duaas. JazakAllah khair. Ramadan Kareem.

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