Moonsighting around the World


ISNA has determined the fast begins tomorrow.

A friend called to say that they are fasting in Saudi tomorrow.

Whatever you’re doing, May Allah subhanahu wa ta ala accept your fast and deeds in this blessed month of Ramadan.

In sha Allah, I’ll be leaving for New York City tomorrow. AlMaghrib Institute and SunniPath are having ilmfests this weekend.


Ramadan begins Saturday:

Saudi Arabia, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Sudan, Bosnia, Russia, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Britain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Afghanistan

Ramadan begins Sunday:

Malaysia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Oman, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, Albania, Romania, Kosovo, Macedonia, France, Bangladesh, Algeria, Ukraine, Belgium, Norway, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Mongolia

Some oddities:

Russia is on both lists so there must be a divide within that community much like the U.S.

Lebanese Sunnis to start fasting Saturday, Shiites Sunday

Iraq Sunnis to start fasting Saturday, Shiites Sunday?

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