1. I assume, though, that saying that ‘everything is in the hands of Allah’ doesn’t preclude taking personal steps, such as a flu shot or whatnot, right? I’m guessing yes, since you said you might, but I wondered… And if so, is there a line you wouldn’t go past? Like, something I might do that you’d find contravened by your religion? I don’t need specifics; just talking generally. As Tony Soprano says, Hey, we’re just tawkin’ here, y’know?

  2. There’s a philosophy (I might post it as the next gem) embedded within Islam to do your part first and then to put your trust in Allah. I can’t actually think of an example where I might not do my part first only relying on the help of Allah. I often remind people of this tradition when I ask them to put on their seatbelts and they tell me that they have already said a prayer so that should be enough. The perfection of one’s Islam is to put on the seatbelt and then to say the prayer.

    I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in France, Turkey, Tunisia or some other places that prevent women wearing hijab from getting an education, working, and entering public buildings. Would I take off my hijab or not? I would like to think that I would not accede to that pressure and ask Allah to protect me from ever having to make that choice.

  3. I like that — and the first post, as well. Reminds me of the old Reagan quote (Trust, but verify.) Yours might be something like (Believe, but act). Makes a LOT of sense.


  4. if Allah wants death to come to me through bird flu, then its welcome
    if not then not
    What is writtyen in my Kismat will happen
    so if in my Kismat it vsays io will have bird flu, then i will

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