1. mashaAllah you’re making progress, but 42?! that’s still a tad crazy. but then, this is coming from me, who has about six. and no, that’s not an exaggeration. i don’t shop. can you tell?

  2. bill- ha!

    it’s even worse considering i only wear two of them. it makes getting ready to out easy, though. i just have to decide, black or brown?

  3. I’m working on finding new homes for some of the hijabs. I know a sister that works with incarcerated sisters that have requested some hijabs but I think the Bureau of Prisons only allows a few colors. There’s also a sister’s shelter for women and children that is in need of donations and our dawah office is accepting donations for new converts.

    Considering I only wear about 10-15 of the hijabs regularly, 42 is still way too many.

  4. I have Zaynab beat – I have only two and they are identical. After living amongst Muslims in East Africa, I learned that you keep two over garments and two Hijabs. One is for everyday and the other is for special occasions. Also, think of your hijab/abaya/khimar as something external and not really a part of the inner you – so I keep it plain and simple.

  5. Salam alaikoum
    I remember when I first converted I only had one, and it was pink and did not go with anything (it was a beigy pink). Now I have ten or so but I still only wear three. I know what you mean though because I went through a hoarding period where I must have had thirty…it was like I subconsciously did not want to go back to the days where I only had one.

  6. I don’t know how many I have.. more than 10, but less than 42… I wear almost all of them tho, except for the fancy ones that people gave me.

    Anyways… I wanted to start a ‘thing’ on nisaa like a hijab exchange, (there was a sister that I helped set up something for a few years ago but she stopped doing it) where sisters with extra hijab puts up the info and then needy/somewhat needy/converts/etc can request hijabs… does anyone thing that would be useful???

  7. Umm Binat, I hear it. I think of my hijabs as a bit of a fashion accessory. I can’t believe some of the colors and styles I bought some of which I’ve never worn. I like plain and simple, too.

    cncz, I remember well the times when I only had 2 or 3 hijab and no jilbab or abaya.

    somethingtobe, which details? About the hijabs or how I store them?

    shaz, sounds good but how would it work?

  8. i guess it would be something like ebay? except with no bidding, or money exchange. Something like a message board-ish thing, where anyone would be able to make a ‘post’ of what she has and then anyone interested can send a private message, then the the exchange can be worked out between the individuals. what do you think? I am open to ideas.

  9. Salaam Alakium,

    Your doing much better sister 🙂 Getting the hijabs organized is a hassle indeed. I don’t like ironing hijabs and try to stay away from that as much as possible, so I don’t really fold hijabs anymore, but use a part of my closet to drape the hijabs over, so it never wrinkles. The new system is working for me at the moment. Putting them on hangers also is a good way to organize hijabs.

    Wa Salaam

  10. Sounds like an opportunity for a community service (Hijabs R Us), or a small business to sell custom storage solutions….

  11. lol Muslim Apple…I don’t even think I have 20! (maybe it’s because I share with my mom..?) mashaAllah I gotta raid your hijaab closet sometime ;-).

  12. Asalaamu Alaikum Muslim Apple,

    Don’t feel bad because I know I probably have upwards of 80 or so hijab. Some of them come with abaya, some come with diric (somali outfit), some come with shalwar khameez but outside of those I know I have a bazillion ;). I have given some away but I don’t see streamlining in my near future. Until I read this post I thought every Muslimah had a bunch of hijab. Oh well!

    ma’a salaamah,


  13. Goodness I only have 3 black ones because of being here in Saudi. I just wish we could wear colored….lol. I miss my collection back in the states. sniff sniff… When i went home for the summer time to visit my parents after 5 years of not seeing them I was in hijaab heaven, epecially since my mom sells them. I think depending on your mood that’s the color you wear that day…..can you imagine black all the time?

  14. y dont u donate some scrafs 2 poor ppl who need them
    we r here complaining bout all the extra things we have in life, when some one out there is sat in a street or desert or hot country and begging for food, with the same clothing they had on the day before and the day before that and the day before that, and how do we know they havent lost spome of tehir lkoves one in accidents and such things like illnesses

    Britain and other countries are very selfish ppl, who only think about what they are msiing and stuff and spending money on weapons instead of donationg some 2 da poor

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