Ramadan Survival Guide

Eat well, not a lot of junk. Oatmeal, fruits, eggs, dates, and bread are staples of my suhur meal. In the evening, salads, fruits, vegetables, and little or no meat is the standard.

2-3 liters of water between maghrib and fajr. Zero caffeine.

The food and water intake really affect how you feel physically. I’m sticking to this healthy bit and I feel stronger, more alert, less fatigued or hungry this Ramadan than in any of my previous ones.

Taraweeh nasal drip always begins in the first rakah. Wear a sweater with pockets to stash your kleenex. Claritan-D and some over the counter liquid cold medicines are lovely but they tend to increase dehydration.


  1. Good tips. I have also been eating lots of oatmeal and whole grains, and drinking TONS of water this Ramadhan. I feel like I have an extra responsibility to eat well, since I am nursing, also…

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