The Education of Ali al-Timimi

This article appeared in the Atlantic Monthly. The writer’s son grew up and was friends with Ali al-Timimi in their formative years. Some really insightful commentary and pictures of Ali as a kid. May Allah protect Dr. al-Timimi and his family. Ameen.

The article is in pdf format so you will need to have a pdf viewer installed like Adobe Acrobat or Preview.

Source: Atlantic Monthly

The Education of Ali al-Tamimi by Milton Viorst

Help Free Ali al-Timimi 

American and Muslim

Shaykh Yasir is an amazing teacher. In sha Allah, I want to take his next AlMaghrib Seminar Light Upon Light: Aqeedah 201. I have benefitted tremendously from his lectures, classes, and his books. A nice article from his hometown paper the Houston Chronicle:

Islamic scholar, a Houston native, brings cultural insight to lectures on his religion

Houston Chronicle

Copyright 2005


Age: 30 • Hometown: Houston

Currently: Doctoral student at Yale University

Quote: “I feel that only somebody who has been exposed to both East and West can really be a bridge between East and West, and I want to be that type of bridge.”

IT’S become an adage that on Sept. 11 the world changed.

For Yasir Qadhi, the terrorist attacks in the United States changed his life plans.

On course for a doctorate in Islamic studies from a university in Saudi Arabia, Qadhi was in the midst of his education on the day he learned that two planes had crashed into New York City’s World Trade Center. Continue reading “American and Muslim”

Why Israel Can’t Win the War

An editorial by Dr. Ashraf Ismail of AlMaghrib Institute.

Source: Arab News

The world is witnessing what could be a critical turning point in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Israel is now engaged in a war that could permanently undermine the efficacy of its much-vaunted military apparatus.

Ironically, there are several reasons for believing that Israel’s destruction of southern Lebanon and southern Beirut will weaken its bargaining position relative to its adversaries, and will strengthen its adversaries’ hands.

First, Israel has no clearly defined tactical or strategic objective, and so the Israeli offensive fails the first test of military logic: There is no way that Israel’s actions can improve its position relative to Hamas or Hezbollah, much less Syria or Iran. Continue reading “Why Israel Can’t Win the War”

Backstory: What it means to be Muslim

An interesting behind the scenes look at some of the participants in the Muslim Leaders of Tomorow (MLT) conference in Copenhagen:

Source: CS Monitor

They went to the same school in Saudi Arabia – so how did they turn out so differently?

| Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor
Yasir Kazi was the last person I wanted to sit next to on the plane taking us from the US to Copenhagen for the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT) conference last month. But airline ticket counter agents – and divine intervention perhaps – determined otherwise, for there he was, on the aisle seat of my row as we boarded a connecting flight from Iceland to Denmark.

I spotted him immediately at Kennedy Airport. His beard screamed “Muslim.” No. More than that, it screamed the kind of judgmental Muslim who would give me a hard time because nothing about me screamed “Muslim.” So I had an unfair advantage knowing he was Muslim: If he knew I was, perhaps he, too, would have wished a flight free of conversation with me. Continue reading “Backstory: What it means to be Muslim”